May 7, 2009

Table of Contents

Below you will find an organized list of everything that I have ever published on blogspot, dating back chronologically nearly 2 years now. The Chapter Number is a reference to the time when I first decided to get some of these things offa my chest via a blog. That is why you still won't find a Chapter 2, 5, 8, 21 etc. They are still in my head and thoughts are still being sorted out. The ones without chapter numbers were just random postings that I used blogspot for, and typically had incorporated slightly less thought into them (well, some of them anyways)!

The beginning

A Few Ground Rules

My Dismal Failure

Rant Number 1

Why the World is So F'd

Death By Stereo Quotes

RE: F'd Up World (and Satanic Surfers)

Warped Tour 2007

Some Quotes

A Typical Redneck Lunch At EPCOR

It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood


People! Are! Disgusting!

New York, New York

Oh Happy Day!

Daylight Savings

Chapter 1 - 1987

A Day At The Dump


Late Last Night

Hakuna Matata - Chapter 11

The Evolution of "HA!" - Chapter 18

The Show of the Summer

The New Me

My 2 Weeks Off/All Punked Out

I, Remnant - Chapter 2

It's What You Do With It! - Chapter 6.1

Home Sweet Home

It's What You Do With It! - Chapter 6.3: Matters of the Heart

Testosterone Makes the World Go 'Round - Chapter 7.1: Redneck Belligerence on Alberta's Roadways

Sex and Violence

The Value of a Life - Chapter 19

My Fucking Depression - Chapter 36

80 X 40 - Chapter 13

My Last First Day of School - Chapter 38

The Necessity of Escapism - Chapter 32.1

You Can't Always Get What You Want

It's What You Do With It! - Chapter 6.2: Family Values

Windsor Car Park

The Age of Desensitization - Chapter 20.1

Choices Made - Chapter 35

Faith, Religion, Atheists, and Hell - Chapter 3

Testosterone Makes The World Go 'Round - Chapter 7.2 (Jock-O-Rama Part 2)

My Unbranding - Chapter 44

It's What You Do With It!!!!! - Chapter 6.4: We Whistle While We Work

Barely Breathing - Chapter 48

Another Dead Soldier - Chapter 9

I Don't Wanna Be A CBC Hippy - Chapter 49

Punk Parallels & Perpendiculars - Chapter 40

If You're A 15 Year Old Girl, You'll Love This

Bad Habit: A Lesson On Driving Etiquette - Chapter 50

Top 10 Things I Hate About Facebook - Chapter 51

Hole Filler - Chapter 39: I Will Fill Your Void

I Hate Hate-Haters - Chapter 41

Eco-Terrorism: The Trials & Tribulations of an Environmentalists' Fight Against Resource Exploitation - Chapter 4

People, as social beings - Chapter 53

This Is Hockey! - Chapter 54

My Favorite Movies - Ch. 32: The Necessity of Escapism, Part 2

To The Fans of Sociology, Political Science, and The Arts In General, I Suppose. - Chapter 43

Sanitized & Sterlized: Clean Me More, I'm Dirty - Chapter 14

Another Significant Coincidence - Chapter 58

You're So Lame! Chapter 56

Chapter 20.2 - The Age of Desensitization: Who Is Taking It Too Far Now?

Testosterone Makes The World Go 'Round - Chapter 7.2.2: My Dear Edmonton Oilers

95% of the World is 3rd World! - Chapter 30

The Necessity of Managing Our World's Water In The 21st Century

Clements Hilda Family

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