July 6, 2008

It's What You Do With It! - Part 3

Part 3: Matters of The Heart

What I've noticed is that when people are "in love" or in a relationship or even are just casually dating, they tend to spend a hell of a lot less time doing things they normally would. For example, blogging becomes virtually extinct. Who cares about getting your opinion out there because at the very least, you have that significant other to rant or rave or even just talk to about what's on your mind. (Or you just fuck, cuz apparently those relationships work well too, to some extent). The other things that tend to become less frequent are your phone calls to buddies, visits to grandmas (see Part 2), watching less late night tv, and finding more appropriate pictures n' stuff to google on the interweb. You might even excercise or eat healthier (at least until they realize that they're partner is getting fat ---- WHAT?!?!?! jk.

Fine and dandy.

So I suppose the only real issue I have with this (besides points addressed in p.2) is that there is no way in hell that a couple can absolutely know for sure that they are with the right person til death does them part by the age of 21 or 22. I have a friend EVEN OLDER THAN ME! that has been in a whole whack of relationships, and this person at least knows that there is more to life out there then settling for somebody second-rate, just so that they can start building their perfect nuclear family in their perfect suburbian house with their ... blah blah, you get the idea.
That person is willing to wait for that one that will float their boat, and just have fun in the mean time.

I've noticed that Country Kids tend to marry young. "yeeeeep, I'm fah-rum m' daddy's farm n' ah 'm gonna bring me home a perrrdy bride next year to help me raise us some chickens!" K, maybe it's not quite like that. In fact the town of Chauvin, Alberta has recently been proven to show otherwise, according to one of my sources. But otherwise, I would stand by my word and say that farm-folk settle and marry young (If I could only find ME a farmer's daughter! --- YEEEE-HAW!) My reasoning is that some of these kids are sooo eager to get away from their small town trap that they just fall in love immediately to some city bloak (or girl) and bear children.

Similarly, Good Little Catholics (like me???) are taught to be true and pure and loyal to one mate (of opposite sex, of course) forever and ever. Recently, I know of 3 couples from the catholic church getting married. Good Catholics are also not supposed to be having the pre-marital sex. By being engrained with such messages from such a young age and then having such a humongous surge of hormones a little later on, it's no wonder that the second that some of these kids find out that "somebody LIKES me" that they are more than willing to make sacrifices, settle for anything, in order to be with that 1 person. No sex for you with anyone else. Ever. Or else if you do, I forget which of Dante's Realms of Hell you end up in, but none seem too inviting.

Some people struggle with the thought of being alone. Some people even fear the idea of it. Sure, I can buy that, but gosh: Get A Room Mate! Unless you are soooo incapable of satisfying those carnal desires, might I reccomend a friend with benefits? But don't fear being alone forever, because, I - being the romantic pisces that I am, believe that there is someone for everyone (except those REAL WEIRDOS obviously, haha). True love waits, according to radiohead anyways.

So yes. Being in 2 or 3 relationships between your late teens and early 20s then fearing to ever move on to a new chapter of your life, to me, is selling out. You are sold into a false belief that you will be the happiest you could be - there is no better match for you anywhere in the world. You've already got a comfortable (mundane) life of normalcy, repitition, mortgage payments, maybe a cat to feed or a lawn to mow. You are stable.

But before you get tooooo stable, know that risk can lead to incredible things, especially when it is your heart that is allowing you to go out and take these risks. The brain is only capable of doing so much!!

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