January 1, 2012


Instead of a blog this year, I thought what the hell - let's just write up the entire year like this:

Chemotherapy Completion.  Met Nicola Crosbie! matthew barber. Yankees Playoffs Game. BIG boat to tropical places:  panama canal. aruba. caracao. bahamas. costa rica! NOFX LIVE AT EDMONTON EVENT CENTRE.  nyc. made a friend. The Calgary Stampede. $3315 raised for the Alberta Cancer Foundation thanks to sooooo many wonderful friends and family.  chuck ragan. Columbia Icefields. Road a bike 210km in 2 days (after not riding a bike 10 km in 10 years before this year)! central park.  elliott brood.  got a job.  Las Vegas Christmas Party!!! Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs. Avenue Q. Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope with my Mom - together you helped me raise over $700 to help find a cure for ovarian cancer. HUMPBACK WHALES!  soho. Hedwig and the Angry Inch. met a pretty girl. Travelled to all new latitudes and breathed some northern air. Living With Lions! Christmas and New Years Eve in Puerta  Vallarta, MXC.

It might be hard to do better than this in 2012, but at least I am going into this year with some hopes, ideals, and  even a few plans & dreams - something that I didn't think I would come close  to having with all the uncertainties of 1 year ago. Just stay healthy, Mom, and all else will be just fine.

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