July 2, 2008

Home Sweet Home

After a 6 day vacation in Orange County where surf bumbs, Disney-kids, preppie glamour models/ inheritence teenagers, Queen Latifah, so many bands, and even some regular every-day workin' joes call home, I finally had to return home to the reality called mdot.

My 1st few hours at home included hearing about prison riots (caused by gang members being kept penned up in +30C temperatures in super-saturated quarters, maybe?), a chemical burn to a 4-year-old at a playground caused by someone allegedly pouring drano down the slide, a dead call girl found on the Edmonton Southside with charges pending to a 24-year-old including 1st degree murder + causing a disrespect to human remains...

it goes on...

in Canada, one of the most prestigious awards to receive is the Order of Canada. This Canada Day, our government felt it was time to recognize baby-killers. Despite one's postition on abortion, and given the fact that Henry Morgenthaler has truly done a lot for women that get into an icky situation (through no fault of there own in many cases), I think there still must be other less controversial people out there that are equally deserving of that award. Maybe that scientist that helped Al Gore with some of his research on the polar ice caps or something.

I come home and watch my neighbor's kids playing in the yard - i think these must be kids #4 and #5 or #5 and #6. Surely, it can't be easy spending most of your monthly cheque from the Metis Society to help by some clothes and toys for that many kids. Especially if your oldest is 13 and you are about 29. But there are ways to get it done. The kids are happy, pretty healthy as far as I can tell. And with sooo many taxpayers' dollars at work for these exact sort of programs, why do we still think that this Morgenthaler dude really has done so much good??!

In short, last year's trip to nyc and this summer's trip to the oc allowed me to escape from my reality in the only home I've ever known. I know things are bad in the states. Things are bad sooo many places around the world! But to run away and hide (to Halifax? to Disneyland? to Switzerland or Australia?) doesn't really seem to be the answer. Yet escaping from a place that is spiralling out of control just seems so necessary sometimes! I feel like that besides 1 family connection, there is really nothing to keep me here at all. But if not here, then where? If not now, then when?

I miss Splash Mountain.

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