August 19, 2007

New York, New York

It has been a long time coming (like YEARS) but finally I will be checking out one of the biggest cities in the world. Sure, it's post 9/11. Sure CBGB's has been sold and moved to Vegas, sure the Yankees are losing. BUT!

I will get to see David Letterman.

His office called my phone on the last day of my work-term and said they could accomodate me with some tickets for while I was there.

So sure, Letterman's exciting and all, but over the next week and a half I will see Central Park, eat a hot dog at Coney Island, watch a Red Sox vs the Yankees game, and walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.

It should be a great time and hopefully Hurricane Dean loses its umph by the time it makes it up the northeastern seaboard.

Oh and I am going to the Smithsonian, Washington Monument, and the US Capitol in D.C. for 4 days after New York.

God I am thankful for this chance to get away from the chaos in Edmonton and instead hopefully I will see a different kind - a good kind of chaos - in NYC!!

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