August 5, 2007


How is it that we don't see how critical it is that we take IMMEDIATE action to do something about the way North Americans live their lives. Finally its such the case that Africa Aid and Global Warming are news items nearly 5 days a week now. The killing in Sudan, the emissions from Syncrude, the Tim's cups that are sitting in gutters waiting to be washed into the river, the rat explosion in Vancouver (due to no garbage collection), the endless flooding in India, the dying polar bears in Manitoba. Just everywhere. Everything. We do not do anything.

"A typical fast-food restaurant like McDonalds produces an average of 238 pounds of waste each day. In 1995 alone, we wasted at least 14 million tons of food and over 81.5 tons of paper."

How can we live with ourselves? It just truly makes me sick. Sure, life goes on: we get another bloody paycheque, we download another few songs and pornographic videos, we eat our bagels with lite cream cheese and we by another t-shirt or trinket from a sweat shop that was Made In China. I mean, why not right? How will I be any worse for it? How will someone else be any better off if I don't?

Well, please intrigue me into talking about this into more depth about this because it is now 3 am and I should probably stop typing and get some sleep.

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