July 24, 2007

Warped Tour 2007

Motivating myself enough to sign on long enough to write something about all of the things in this place that BUG me has been really very problematic as of late. Sure, I have some good things goin in my life and I'm most certainly not a suicidal sadist or anything of the sort. But I certainly do have some things that I am pretty upset with, personally & publically. The problem is, I suppose, that I just don't know where to begin.

So intstead let me tell you about Warped Tour 2007. ! That's right. The Punk Rock Celebration that travels through something like 40 or 50 cities over 3 months. Edmonton, naturally, being much to shitty of a city to get such a "high profile" event. It was on a Thursday as usual (after the long weekend in July) so a lot of people found it difficult to take that time off, and others were just starting new jobs and didn't even feel that they were entitled to get 1 or 2 days off because they are "all grown up" now... and on to big and better things in life with their careers and love-lifes and such. Of the 30 people or so that I let know I was going to Warped, I got about let's see... No one to come with me. But I went. Not with Matt's little sister, not with Josh, Jay, nor Zack, and most certainly not with Michael Kyle. Robin didn't show with his "group of 30" and mrscott let me down too. But I was there. I saw my ex who I've been in touch with via facebook, but that ship has sailed and I don't think that either of us really would enjoy eachother's company while there. I saw J-Lo, a bartender who I went to highschool with that I was hitting on a few months ago. She was there with her boyfriend. That's about it though. The drive down was sweet because I didn't have to do nothing but listen to cd's and ummm listen to cd's.

So I was parked, way away from the parking lot, cuz that's just stupid to sit in that traffic. I walked the length of the speedway and got in line by some kids playing hack. No Sam. Pretty fucking boring lineup too. PETA handouts, religious "save-your-soul" handouts etc. were the shit that I ignored. I tried to not look at tooooo many underage girls.

Doors opened. I found out that The Spill Canvas was one of the first acts of the day. I admired J-Lo and sang some love songs: the one's you would expect for a warped tour slot + some new ones. They were as good as I remember, though the fact that carlene wasn't beside me this time made it bittersweet. My pal Tom from SoCal text'd me from the pomona show when he got hit in the head with a shoe at the Brigg's set. The Brigg's played pretty much right after TSC. They got me movin a bit. After that I checked out some merch while the temperature soared. I had til 1:30 til Big D and the Kids Table was nailing out some really terrific motivational ska punk. At 2, I was waiting in the front of Lucky Stage for TIGER ARMY to get goin! and with a "NOCTURNAL!"! they pounded out a pretty great set. The upright base is always a treat. This was TA's first time to Canada which was pretty interesting. TA played the same time as Bayside so I missed them, which was a shame cuz The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus was the only name that was half interesting for a while. The Fabulous Rudies had a male/female split on lead vocals and also had some pretty great ska tunes. I almost picked up there cd then they jacked up the price $5 so I said fuck it.

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE made me happy. Between A Bid Farewell, Daylight Days, and the closing of "The End of Heartache", the singer and lead guitar encouraged "all us metal kids out there to take a look at the emo pussy next to you and punch him in the balls". They also started the crowd to do "LABIA" chants. The pit was admirable. I got some good dancin' in and thought about how my friend Heather went n got married this summer during End of Heartache.

Immediately following KSE, The Action Design was playing on the Kevin Says stage. This band is fronted by the love of my life for 2 and a half years, M, from Tsunami Bomb. She makes me smile. Their set was sweet and I really enjoyed the "dance tunes" and her lips and eyes. I talked to her at the booth and said I'd be back in a bit to pick up some merch. When I went back @ 8:00, they had already packed up and left. Dammit anyways.

Authority Zero had an amazingly weak mosh pit. Frick kids these days are sooo stoned ALL THE TIME! MOVE YOUR ASS! (Though, pennywise said that we were moving way more than the vancouver kids.) Authority Zero was a good show though. No regrets about catching it.

The moment I had finally been waiting for: Pennywise! 2nd Time in a year! Sure, it was dissapointing that I was only going to see a 30 minute set, but hey: better than No Set At All! In this set, I watched them open with Wouldnt It Be Nice. They played Society, Pennywise, Rules, Fuck Authority, Same Old Story, Perfect People, Yell Out, a few others...and closed with Bro Hymn as usual. I was crowd surfing to Society and another song and didn't get dropped.

It was a Hot Hot day. I had a bottle of water with me, but I knew that I'd be refilling it a few thousand times. By the time pw was done, the tankards were empty. Not really surprised. I had plenty of freebies like freezies and stuff that random people share and test my immune system with.

The Unseen was boring. I liked them more the first 3 times I watched them. Instead, I ended up missing Throwdown on another stage which I regret. The only other regret I had was not catching the Johnsons and The Action Design leaving before I could pick up the disc.

Coheed and Cambria played @ 6:40. I sat in the shade of the sound booth and enjoyed there set very much. Both new songs and old were played which made me happy. Even better yet was that the singer wasn't slamming back JD this time, and the lyrics matched when the notes were played.

Bad Religion.

What more can I really say? Just wow. Great songs. I remained (standing) at the other sound booth in the shade. No More Moshing! Not in 37°C heat anyways. After the set, I beat a ~37 year old guy asking the sound booth guy for the set list. Sweeet. He was cool about it though. Due to technical difficulties, BR did not end with Insect as planned, but rather Epiphany. They also played American Jesus, Sorrow...goood tunes!

On departing (circa survive had yet to play), I ran into a friend that I see at most shows I go to. I asked him how he enjoyed it. He said: "Man that sucked" and was serious. The frustrating thing is that he's there, in that parking lot waiting to get out, in a carfull of people that came down together and I totallly loved every minute of it, and didn't even need anyone there to enjoy it with.

My cousin fed me beers in Airdrie. I almost hooked up with colleen from trinity or ashton from concrete tobaggon but it didn't quite work out this time. It was a fun time either way. And I didn't even MISS not being at work making money like all of my mature grown-up friends.

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