July 30, 2007

Some Quotes.

So I've decided that I should keep track of some of the most ridiculous things I here on television or elsewhere, but aren't songs. Today I watched this new show with David Spade and also Letterman. Both had some pretty funny stuff:

Letterman, referring to his cold: "It feels like kids are running wind sprints with soccer cleats...IN MY THROAT!"

Spade to friend, after having touched the sleeve of a random Hot Blonde in a restaurant: "A touch says 'if you didn't think I wanted to have sex with you, I do' ".

I am really tired right now. I can't believe I am going to New York City!!! Whooot!

July 31/07

Ryan Stiles - or Lewis on Drew Carey - was at it again:
"HEY! If you don't want me picturing your girlfriend naked, maybe you shouldn't let her dress like such a SLUT!"

Tonight on Letterman in "Great Moments in Presidential Speeches" George Bush was telling a story:

"I met an onion grower today at the airport when I arrived,
and he said, you got to help me find people that will grow onions
pluck them, or whatever you do with them, you know."

September 12/07

Drew Carey speaking to Oswald and Lewis: Have you guys ever noticed how beautiful Kellie is?

Ryan Stiles:

"I think alllllllll women are beautiful.

... that's how desperate I am."

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