September 18, 2008

You can't always get what you want.

So last night I went to Elliott Brood. When I got there @ 9:30, the first thing I noticed was the set times. Mr. Brood wasn't coming on til 11:40. Yikes. It's a school night after all! So after a really brief scour through the place in a search for any familiar faces, I jetted off to Chapters. To fill the emptiness - this void inside of me - I have been spending loads of money lately. Chapter's took about 40 schmackers, and Blackbyrd suckered me in to buying a Moldy Peaches disc and another local indy-rocker local band "The Last Deal". This, in addition to the Elliott Brood ticket. In addition to the $20 rancid t-shirt I wore last night, in addition to those packages of gum & sudafed.

Yet still the void remains.

But nevertheless, I wandered back and caught most of the opener, readily anticipating a pretty good show/night. The kid had a good voice, especially if you like kids with those kinds of voices. It was a bit much for me after a while though...
I noticed a lot of things last night and took a lot of time reflecting on what it was I was doing. Where I was. What else I could be doing. I noticed a lot of happy people. Despite the late hour, smiles were all around. There was dancing. Grubby hippy couples, all male and all female couples, old couples, and some kids that looked like they weren't old enough to be in the bar. All dancing. Have you ever seen an engineer dance? There was this one dude which was definately as geeky as an engineer. Maybe a compsci student. He danced. This is why I try to dance less.
Last night I was stood up from all of my non-dates. I must have suggested to at least 3 members of the opposite sex to come out. At least as a friend that has reasonable taste in music, if nothing else. I guess people just can't be bothered or are just too darn busy with their so-called life. Or they are saving their money to buy a condo... When none eventually showed, I contemplated talking to some realllllly nice looking girls, but really they were just tooo darn cute to even talk to!!
Enter escapism blog. If I was 19 or 20 again, nothing could stop me from getting maybe 3 drinks then just talking to...whoever! But I am past that. Getting loaded and talking to girls at bars only leads to trouble. Being sober and talking to girls at bars is Just Plain Hard!! Not to mention that the end of cheap drink prices and my excessive spending really makes not drinking an easier option to go for.

So of the very wide demographic at the show I started to realize what my future could be like. I could legitimately dance IF I found someone crazy enough to dance with me. Or I could be a grubby old loner sitting by myself drinking in a corner watching everyone out there have the time of their life. It certainly was not the same way kids tend to rock at the Bad Religion shows, but I suppose after a certain amount of time, these kids grow up, chill out, and just smile & dance.
The headliner performed just swell. The show went late and some kids took off. I saw 1 friend from years ago. She's a pretty big Brood fan I think. I don't know if she made it to the end since the show went til past 1. But Elliott Brood may just make it on to my facebook music list some time very soon.

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