June 18, 2007

My Dismal Failure.

Well there are sooo many ways that I fail so dismally time & time again (with girls, with life, etc.) , but for now (since I have already spent many many hours online today, I will actually admit to signing on...errr...currently being signed onto facebook as I type.

The thing is, I am really hoping to get my butt to Warped Tour this year & don't have any real plans on how I am doing it or who I am going with. If I had the chance to go with anyone in the Whole World, it would be with A Really Hot Girl that wouldn't mind holding onto some of the merch I pick up. But since I am soo fugging ukly, I will not have a Really Hot Girl joining me yet again this year. Unless, the affianced ms. stirling shows up, or lanabanana, so we could do a redo of 2004, but I am not counting on it...heathers are all so hot. If I cant have a girl joining me at all this year, I would like to think that mkyle would do it up, or perhaps even mattlong/scott. But everyone is either working, or SOOO into their relationship with his or her significant other, that there is virtually no interest at all in going to "punkshows", if you will.

Where is this going? facebook has ultimate powers to create events and invite "friends" to these events, really - very easily. At this point, I dont give a shit who comes with me, I'd even go with YOU, but I do wanna go...Chances are, I wont even be kicking in toooo many heads in the moshpit this year. I am 23 after all now. Not only that, but it would sure be bittersweet to see The Spill Canvas again, since the last time I saw them was with A Really Hot Girl that I was pretty in love with. awwww. cry me a river justin timberlake, right? k, the hell with that emo shit. Now let's quit this fricking blogging and get to bed.

ERRR! Soo many rants: Basically the fact that there is STILL a stolen car parked outside the front of my house is really pissing me off now. Time for bed. Now. Also the RCMP pension scandal is pretty gay too.

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