June 16, 2007

A Few Ground Rules

Since a lot of time is wasted online, when a person could really be doing better things like watching TV or setting something on fire, I thought it was appropriate to set a few ground rules regarding the sites I visit and time spent on each of these sites.

Especially with respect to the addictiveness of facebook (and even myspace to some extent) I am declaring NOW that I will only allow myself to visit each of these sites on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays for no more than 30minutes each session total.

In addition, some of my rants, criticisms and other ramblings will likely be copied from those 2 sites and modified into something even better onto here. Things like my many posts in the Angry Bitter People group should definately make it over here at least some time in the future. Things like my music and pictures should get up on here to at some point, but figuring that crap out is not really my priority either.

Well it's time to go do something else now. Tonight should be fun. I will either end up at the starlite room watching Our Mercury & Wednesday Night Heroes, or else, burning something.

1 comment:

  1. You may find that you spend just as much time blogging as on other sites. Or not. Anyways best of luck with your blog.

    PS. Listening to Fractal Pattern right now. This is excellent.

    I am sad that I dropped music after high school.