June 22, 2007

Why the World is So F'd.

Right. So as I was saying, I have some serious problems the ways that this city is run. Sure the province doesn't do a great job. And the fed's: not much better either. Maybe it's just too many years of punk rock influencing my life, but I really do object to the way that a LOT of things are just taken as the norm in industrialized "rich" countries and how people just go on with their lives day after day. I mean, I understand it, but I just do not accept it.

I think that the main reason behind the majority of society accepting this status quo is because of that wonderful thing called love. The need and desire to provide care and affection for that special someone. And to have that care and affection returned. One of the easiest, most tangible ways of achieving this is through affording material things or experiences. Without the capitalistic demands that consume our every day lives in this high intensity, heavily commercialized place called home, I would like to think that people would take a second to see how their lives are dictated by the government's media and demand for us to consume. Without it, surely there would still be greed because people know that these things exist. But maybe in a slower-paced place (out of the city? the province?? the country???) this sort of thing would be to a much lesser extent, where people can just enjoy life more, and attempt to live and love without having others telling you how to do it.

Admittedly, there are hippies and self-sustained, independant couples out there that take no heed to (american) pop culture bullshit, and some do-gooders out there that can find that love and not feel the need to shower eachother with extravagances. But in the whole scheme of things, these people make up the minority of the Canadian population.

I want to be someone that can be happy and in love, but not if it costs me any more of the ethics and morals that have already been detached from my individuality or personality or whatever, due to years of desensitization.

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