June 15, 2007

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once upon a time there was this little thing called indecline.net.

it was wonderful.

Some friends were made, some knoweledge was gained about the local music scene (amongst other more outlandish concepts) and most importantly, much of my time was very well wasted.

Then it died.

I was sad.


Soon thereafter came along a bigger more friendlier networking site called Hi5. turns out, it was pretty gay. Especially in comparison with all that MYSPACE! was offering at the same time. After not very long, 60 out of my 140 friends on myspace.com were bands. Then after that, I actually heard rumours of really interesting nex music forums - but i didn't (for once) fall into that trap. Alas, I was stuck for much of my networking and browsing Hot Girls' Profiles on myspace and myspace alone. Until...the horrid amazing disgusting incredible consuming exhilarating powers of the facebook. Really, it is just quite annoying. "Refresh"! Inbox has (1) New Messages! Sweet!!! ...Then there's the groups you join, events you are invited to, and random poking or "wall writing" that people harrass you with that you haven't talked to since highschool or before. Facebook has really got it all: it's like a soap opera on your laptop. "(insert_name) is no longer in a relationship." "8 of your friends have joined the group called "I judge you when you use poor grammar."" I think I have about 3 girls that I used to date as "friends" on there, some friends that aren't friends at all are on there, and some friends that are just sooo retarded that they use online messaging to base there entire friendship on are there too.

In summary, this blog was begun in order to reprieve myself from everything evil online. Whether it be a desire to look at pictures of ALL My Hot Exgirlfriends, (or gf's who ought to be mine!) or to write some outrageous statement on someone's wall just to get a reaction, no more. Here is where it's at! Rants, criticisms, happy stories?, Life Altering News, or just to continue wasting time, here is where it's going to be. Welcome to my blogspot.

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