December 29, 2008

Top 10 Things I Hate About Facebook

#10 - Retarded status updates like when people finish them off without any thought at all. (i.e. "Bob is...") If you don't have any thoughts in that pretty little head of yours, keep that to your self.

#9 - When people over the age of 30 add you as a friend.

#8 - The non-launching of an automatic music player on each individual's facebook profile. Cuz let's be serious: if you knew that the person likely had good taste in music, you would probably be visiting that person's profile more often - and for the music, and not all the Hot Pictures.

#7 - The girls that you hope to see on "online chat" never seem to be online. at all. ever.

#6 - Poking. If you wanna really wanna get with someone, just let them know it (in a really dirty/romantic message).

#5 -I hate it when people reply to facebook "events" as to whether they will be at said event or not. Cuz guess what? NOBODY CARES that you have other plans elsewhere or that you are living in another city. Why can't these people just ignore the facebook event invitations or decline them and carry on with their life instead of wasting the 4 or 5 seconds to "reply to topic" when they could be spending that time to turn off the effing computer??? To me it comes across as these people feel that they have sooo much better things to do than come to the event in their interesting & exciting lives. It comes across as these people feel like they will actually be missed!!! Well sorry, you're not gonna be missed.

#4 - Private profiles.


#3 - How when entering your personal info, the auto-complete essentially tells you what you like, even after the keystroke of just a single letter. Strung Out sings: "Everything in my life just thinks for me!". This is true thanks to today's technology.

#2 - My inability to purge out all of the hot girls from my facebook friends despite how much I really don't even like them. I did that with an ex, and her hot friends, but other than that, they are all still here. Yay for hot girls.

#1 - How it seems to eat up about 6 hours of my 8 hour work day...I mean...I wouldn't give MY troubles to A MONKEY ON A ROCK!!!

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