April 8, 2009

You're So Lame!

chapter 56.

A friend of mine that has somewhat similar interests (and a somewhat rockin' hot bod) came out to party with me a few nights back. We were off to a concert. We had a bit of time before it started so we got to talkin' about things. She's usually pretty candid, and I think that's another reason why I like her (besides her rockin' hot bod, that is). The #1 topic of conversation for that night though was how some people are just really lame. Well, it was mostly her telling me about how she finds a lot of guys she meets just sooooo incredibly lame! And here I'm trying to not be all on the defensive, seeing how in truth, I can be particularly lame in a lot of circumstances. Her case included her motivation and ability to stay out til 4, for 2 or 3 nights in a row, dancing, drinking, having a good time, and still getting to class the next day. She would say how "Peter" would come out to party one night, then sleep in all day the next day, missing his classes, and not do anything again for at least a couple nights. She would say about how when Peter comes out, he would be more or less a drag and not really have much to bring to the party (ohhh get your mind out of the gutter). But nevertheless, he was her friend & would continue to come out to party at least from time to time.

So I got to thinkin'. Why are some people perceived as being so insufferably lame? There must be a legitimate reason. What fundamental changes could a guy make in his life/lifestyle such that he would: A) Have the energy to do more, B) Be perceived by women as being less lame, C) Generate the self-esteem to be comfortable in knowing that he is in fact not lame, by his own standards, at the very least, and D) Use this lack of feeling of insufficiency to do good for the world, including his own.

Why We're Lame
(Or perceived as, anyways)
Lack of sleep can be attributed to 19th, 20th & 21st Century technology, as well as capitalism. (It's just a fun thing to do, to blame every problem in the world on capitalism, when you are in your twenties.) Thomas Edison had the light bulb lighting up our homes as early as the 1880s, resulting in our ability to stay up later, finishing that last few pages of that good book, without fear of knocking over the tealight and burning our houses down. Mass industrialization and supply & demand from the war years onward resulted in men staying @ work later, then continuing their work well into the night, from desktops to laptops to blackberries. And most recently, in the year 2009, we are seeing kids up all night, playing with their video games, doing their "homework", and writing their blogs. In addition, capitalism has created this demand from us in which we are required to work harder & staying up later, which will benefit the company, and its employees by monetary compensation. So then we can afford that new mattress that we use for 6, maybe 7, hours a night.
So lethargy/tiredness is a large contributing factor in how people can be perceived as being lame. They will likely simply be too tired to do anything fun ever. Especially when one of the only things they end up doing with their "free time" is working. But if a guy is able to get a decent night's sleep, then all the more likely will it be for him to want to...exercise.
It doesn't matter if it's a walk with the dog around the block, push-ups in the bedroom before bed, going to the gym 3 nights a week, or dancing around in punk show mosh pits. All are easier to do when you aren't totally exhausted. And when this person is well rested, and is feeling fit and good about their body, the more likely will they feel they have the right to talk to that 1 special girl, or that any random girl.
Another reason that a person may be perceived as one lame motha f*#$a is that he actually holds a set of morals and values. Perhaps a god or a religion inhibits him from enjoying the finer things of life (use your own imagination). Maybe a sense of guilt, manners, respect, appreciation-for-health-studies, etc. has made him act in this "lame" way. Maybe he just can't handle his booze, and therefore refuses to let it cloud his judgement, in fear of becoming a father, or even worse: taking home a really ugly chick. I am going to get in trouble from sooo many feminists who read this blog...
I am almost convinced that my friend (with the rockin' hot bod) that was talking about "Peter" being lame, may very well actually been referring to me. As a result, I am now going to turn off this blog machine, the lights, and go get me a good night's sleep. Maybe then - at the next concert - I will have the courage to take her in my arms, stroke my hand through her long brown hair, look into her pacific blue eyes, and say to her: "It's waaayy past my bedtime".
Do something.

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  1. Ha!

    "Maybe he just can't handle his booze, and therefore refuses to let it cloud his judgement, in fear of becoming a father, or even worse: taking home a really ugly chick"

    Have you read Tucker Max's "I hope they serve beer in hell"?

    I think you'd enjoy it.