June 25, 2007

RE: F'd up World (and Satanic Surfers)

A couple other ideas that I wanted to get out there regarding my earlier post include:

1. The desire to love and be loved may be the ROMANTIC's reason to settling into a so-called life with their significant other, but a more cynical/truthful reason might be because people just want to get LAID. And the best way to do that is to have money to get stuff that will in effect make you more appealing to the other person that will help you do that. So yes maybe love, but more likely it's sex. Then greed. Then envy.

and B:

The Satanic Surfers wrote a song about judgement, growing up, and differences in ideals and here's the lyrics:

what ever
I have my opinions and try to stick to them. Call them childish if you want,but I guess the concept of that depends on who sets the norm.
And if submitting to the expectations of our surrounding means growing up, I'll try whole-heartedly to refuse.
And I hope you're wrong when you say I'm acting like a kid and one day I'll grow out of it.
There's clearly a differance on what we define as significant matters, but isn't it funny how everything that's important to me is trivial to you?
And it's hard not to notice when you express your self so explicitly with harsh words and pleasantries to ridicule me. Harsh words...You can say what ever you might have to say about me, but doesn't mean that I have got to give a shit.

June 23, 2007

Death By Stereo Quotes

Some of the most energetic, inspiring, anti-establishment, emotion-filled lyrics are sang by Death By Stereo's Efrem Shulz:

"you take another one in the back/you take another one in the teeth/i got a veil over my eyes/ this f*#$ing country wont let me see!"

"ladies and gentleman: individuality has left the building"

"enforcing all your rules through policemen and tv/you are the worlds greatest artist/schoolbooks are you tapestry"

"your pop culture is shit/where do i stand as an individual in a cultureless society?!"

"i never wanted any of this/i reject your lifelessness/i want to live/i want to fly/i wll not let my freedom die! right now - im gonna chose to fight!"

"testosterone makes the world go round" - song title, death by stero.

"happiness in america equals dollar signs - tell me why!"

"when you don't run straight into the sun, you'll never see the light/ if you don't open up your eyes, in darkness you will die!"


June 22, 2007

Why the World is So F'd.

Right. So as I was saying, I have some serious problems the ways that this city is run. Sure the province doesn't do a great job. And the fed's: not much better either. Maybe it's just too many years of punk rock influencing my life, but I really do object to the way that a LOT of things are just taken as the norm in industrialized "rich" countries and how people just go on with their lives day after day. I mean, I understand it, but I just do not accept it.

I think that the main reason behind the majority of society accepting this status quo is because of that wonderful thing called love. The need and desire to provide care and affection for that special someone. And to have that care and affection returned. One of the easiest, most tangible ways of achieving this is through affording material things or experiences. Without the capitalistic demands that consume our every day lives in this high intensity, heavily commercialized place called home, I would like to think that people would take a second to see how their lives are dictated by the government's media and demand for us to consume. Without it, surely there would still be greed because people know that these things exist. But maybe in a slower-paced place (out of the city? the province?? the country???) this sort of thing would be to a much lesser extent, where people can just enjoy life more, and attempt to live and love without having others telling you how to do it.

Admittedly, there are hippies and self-sustained, independant couples out there that take no heed to (american) pop culture bullshit, and some do-gooders out there that can find that love and not feel the need to shower eachother with extravagances. But in the whole scheme of things, these people make up the minority of the Canadian population.

I want to be someone that can be happy and in love, but not if it costs me any more of the ethics and morals that have already been detached from my individuality or personality or whatever, due to years of desensitization.

June 20, 2007

Rant Number 1.

Edmonton is my home. It has been for 23 years now. Long time right? Yeah...but I think I must just be getting sick of it.

Whether it be the failing infrastructure, ineffective police force, crappy transit system, or idiotic city council, it all adds up to being One Big Mess.

The good news I have is I am getting outta this city for 2 weeks at the end of August when I check out the Big Apple and D.C. in the land of the free. And I am getting kind of excited to go to Calgary for warped tour even if noone joins me, too.

That is all for now bc I am seeing some bigass lightning coming in from the window behind me.

June 18, 2007

My Dismal Failure.

Well there are sooo many ways that I fail so dismally time & time again (with girls, with life, etc.) , but for now (since I have already spent many many hours online today, I will actually admit to signing on...errr...currently being signed onto facebook as I type.

The thing is, I am really hoping to get my butt to Warped Tour this year & don't have any real plans on how I am doing it or who I am going with. If I had the chance to go with anyone in the Whole World, it would be with A Really Hot Girl that wouldn't mind holding onto some of the merch I pick up. But since I am soo fugging ukly, I will not have a Really Hot Girl joining me yet again this year. Unless, the affianced ms. stirling shows up, or lanabanana, so we could do a redo of 2004, but I am not counting on it...heathers are all so hot. If I cant have a girl joining me at all this year, I would like to think that mkyle would do it up, or perhaps even mattlong/scott. But everyone is either working, or SOOO into their relationship with his or her significant other, that there is virtually no interest at all in going to "punkshows", if you will.

Where is this going? facebook has ultimate powers to create events and invite "friends" to these events, really - very easily. At this point, I dont give a shit who comes with me, I'd even go with YOU, but I do wanna go...Chances are, I wont even be kicking in toooo many heads in the moshpit this year. I am 23 after all now. Not only that, but it would sure be bittersweet to see The Spill Canvas again, since the last time I saw them was with A Really Hot Girl that I was pretty in love with. awwww. cry me a river justin timberlake, right? k, the hell with that emo shit. Now let's quit this fricking blogging and get to bed.

ERRR! Soo many rants: Basically the fact that there is STILL a stolen car parked outside the front of my house is really pissing me off now. Time for bed. Now. Also the RCMP pension scandal is pretty gay too.

June 16, 2007

A Few Ground Rules

Since a lot of time is wasted online, when a person could really be doing better things like watching TV or setting something on fire, I thought it was appropriate to set a few ground rules regarding the sites I visit and time spent on each of these sites.

Especially with respect to the addictiveness of facebook (and even myspace to some extent) I am declaring NOW that I will only allow myself to visit each of these sites on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays for no more than 30minutes each session total.

In addition, some of my rants, criticisms and other ramblings will likely be copied from those 2 sites and modified into something even better onto here. Things like my many posts in the Angry Bitter People group should definately make it over here at least some time in the future. Things like my music and pictures should get up on here to at some point, but figuring that crap out is not really my priority either.

Well it's time to go do something else now. Tonight should be fun. I will either end up at the starlite room watching Our Mercury & Wednesday Night Heroes, or else, burning something.

June 15, 2007

(no title) <---this title added dec2016 so there'd be something to click on

once upon a time there was this little thing called indecline.net.

it was wonderful.

Some friends were made, some knoweledge was gained about the local music scene (amongst other more outlandish concepts) and most importantly, much of my time was very well wasted.

Then it died.

I was sad.


Soon thereafter came along a bigger more friendlier networking site called Hi5. turns out, it was pretty gay. Especially in comparison with all that MYSPACE! was offering at the same time. After not very long, 60 out of my 140 friends on myspace.com were bands. Then after that, I actually heard rumours of really interesting nex music forums - but i didn't (for once) fall into that trap. Alas, I was stuck for much of my networking and browsing Hot Girls' Profiles on myspace and myspace alone. Until...the horrid amazing disgusting incredible consuming exhilarating powers of the facebook. Really, it is just quite annoying. "Refresh"! Inbox has (1) New Messages! Sweet!!! ...Then there's the groups you join, events you are invited to, and random poking or "wall writing" that people harrass you with that you haven't talked to since highschool or before. Facebook has really got it all: it's like a soap opera on your laptop. "(insert_name) is no longer in a relationship." "8 of your friends have joined the group called "I judge you when you use poor grammar."" I think I have about 3 girls that I used to date as "friends" on there, some friends that aren't friends at all are on there, and some friends that are just sooo retarded that they use online messaging to base there entire friendship on are there too.

In summary, this blog was begun in order to reprieve myself from everything evil online. Whether it be a desire to look at pictures of ALL My Hot Exgirlfriends, (or gf's who ought to be mine!) or to write some outrageous statement on someone's wall just to get a reaction, no more. Here is where it's at! Rants, criticisms, happy stories?, Life Altering News, or just to continue wasting time, here is where it's going to be. Welcome to my blogspot.