March 25, 2017

Bringing Back The Blog, Eh?!

December 27th I published a blog in which I talked about bringing back the blog.

Since then, I have published two: One, a list of 30 albums with a brief commentary and the second, a list of 15 bands that I don't listen to with an even briefer explanation for each. I conclude with how despite my non-interest in Pennywise that I would go to Punk Rock Bowling for my stag and enjoy them anyways.

I re-started the blog also in the spirit of "doing something". My days of doing nothing were tedious and tiresome. "Work on the basement" and "Apply for jobs" were my life. And the latter was a rollercoaster of emotion as an interview for 1 of 50 applications might seem to go OK, but then fail to produce a result.

That's why when receiving a job offer the day after sitting down with the president of a company I had cold-called the previous week, I was ... surprised.

With these recent developments, I don't know what I can hope for: less "free time". More earned time, and having to be accountable to not only myself and my family but to a bossman, too.

It will be interesting trying to "get'r done" as there is - as always - much to do. A wedding to plan, gym routines (also as of Jan. 2017) to maintain, bills to pay, basements to renovate, concerts to go to, and a woman (and animals) to love. I don't know how "Ryan's Stag" is going to play out -- I think it's probably more important to get a day or 2 off around my actual wedding, rather than a drunken extended long weekend in Las Vegas or Montreal or Montebello. There's a Ride To Conquer Cancer that I really have no reason not to do this year and - did I mention a wedding to plan?

I guess we will see how things work out. But for now I am going to listen to some American at a bowling alley regret voting for Donald Trump.

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