April 9, 2017

Dear Peter Mansbridge:

Today we celebrate The Dominion of Canada going to WAR 100 years ago. Canada was 1 of over 20 countries that participated in the Great War and were pretty small-beans, as remembered by the History of the World anyways. According to Wikipedia:
"A smaller part of the Arras offensive, the capture of Vimy Ridge by the Canadian Corps, became highly significant to that country: the idea that Canada's national identity was born out of the battle is an opinion widely held in military and general histories of Canada."
What would our identity be otherwise? And what do YOU personally take pride in? Me? I like the Maple Leafs - cuz they remind me of me - inconsistent, fragile - internationally reviled! _____ This post originally started with intentions of talking about how the Toronto Maple Leafs were able to clinch a playoffs spot only after 81 of 82 games into the year by preventing Sidney Crosby from scoring on about 5 or 10 chances in last night’s game. Nothing is more Canadian than a The idea was to remind you of your apparent love for Propagandhi by reminding you that you are NOT Alberta-Born, Prairie-Raised, probably. Wars sadly repeat themselves. Human nature’s? desire to control and conquer continues. What we are celebrating on this day is the fact that more Germans died than Canadians, in a in a battle in a war that ultimately resulted in the deaths of 7 million civilians AND 11 million soldiers between “good guys and bad guys” alike. Notably, “the good guys” were responsible for 1.6 Million civilian deaths and “the bad guys” were responsible for 0.62 Million civilian deaths. Through the entirety of The GREAT War, The Dominion of Canada sent over 418,000 men and about 60,000 of them were killed. Of those, 3,598 were killed at Vimy Ridge. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNqgzbg7mT4

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