January 3, 2017

My Favourite Bands Are Boring

I am not necessarily going into this blogging thing totally half-hearted second time round. And I am starting to generate a few more ideas about things that I could rant about here.


Right now the pressing things on my mind include all the big music lists that people post (probably too much about) and that has inspired me to continue my OWN list of a different variety!

It's not to say that I don't LIKE these bands but it just so happens that I spend little if no time at all hitting play on the music that I once would have played daily.


15) Green Day / The Offspring  --- Because Blink 182 doesn't even make the list.

14) D.O.A. - Canadian hardcore -- that feels tired. But go green, or whatever.

13) The Dropkick Murphys - PRB2015 was good and I appreciate their history but I've heard enough bagpipes.

12) The Bouncing Souls - Maybe I haven't listened to their latest album enough, but I find it hard to find the motivation to go out and listen to it. They were featured on a podcast last week and it did remind me that they remain a terrific and strong band that I should probably try harder to pay attention to.

11) 98 MUTE - Probably one of my favourite hardcore punk bands out of the California area. Though Chaos Delivery Machine is tight, I will always love 98 MUTE more. I DO think it's super-rad that they played that show with Union 13 and a handful of other great bands for those 3 different "Album-In-Its-Entirety" shows that Pennywise hosted in SoCal last March.

10) Ten Foot Pole - I like Rev. And others. But Rev a lot. Maybe I'll pay more attention when they release their 1st album in almost 20 years. They released Insider in 1998. Don't really know much from them since then. 

9) Less Than Jake - I'll always like the Alexis Bledel music video though. I would much rather listen to The Mad Caddies in general.

8) Anti-Flag - Saw them last year. And also at Montebello RockFest. Tight live. I don't appreciate their new stuff like others do. 

7)  Avenged Sevenfold. I will always love those 1st 2 albums. But nothing else. 

6) Screeching Weasel - TV City Dream & My Brain Hurts like when I was 16 but otherwise: no. Also: Ben Weasel is kinda annoying.

5) Pulley - 2016's No Change In The Direction is been received VERY well. I like it but haven't listened no other Pulley albums and don't have too much desire to despite how great they are! 

4) SNFU - An epic old guy. That is like wayyyyyy too old. I wouldn't mind catching them once more though! For painful reminder and she's not on the menu and bobbit and drunk on a bike and... 

3) NOFX - I don't typically hit "Skip" when these guys come on, but I don't necessarily search them out either. First Ditch Effort had a timely release, shortly after I powered through 12.5 hours of Hepatitis Bath Tub on YouTube. And the live show was one of the best ones I've seen. That said, I never think to myself: Shit! I need to listen to NOFX today! Cuz I don't. So I won't.

2) Rancid - see #13 above and replace Bagpipes with Rancid.

And the band I MOSTLY don't listen to at all any more is...

1) Pennywise! - This band has meant so much to me for so long now, and it is extra-special that they are one of the few announced headliners that will be playing my stag at Punk Rock Bowling this May. I really enjoyed their energy for their XXV YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW here and I am optimistic for more good things from this band. I've enjoyed Zoli's Pennywise album and old Pennywise albums and newer Pennywise albums. Although I don't typically don't skip songs when they come on, I will usually put on any old Death By Stereo or Propagandhi album. 

Punk Rock Bowling is going to be great. Including The Bouncing Souls AND Pennywise, too.

Honourable Mentions: Rise Against, Coheed & Cambria, A.F.I., Tsunami Bomb, Slick Shoes,  Atreyu, Alkaline Trio (are they still making new music, or is that guy in Greenday now?), annnnd The Distillers. Definitely don't know whatever became of The Distillers. Were The Donnas better? Can't really remember. It's all about The Bombpops and Badcop/Badcop and War On Women for girl bands nowadays, am I right?!

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