December 13, 2010

Saving the World's GREAT!

Chapter 46

2010. The number even looks science-fiction-y. And what a year it's been! What with the unprecedented amount and degree of catastrophic earthquakes, twisters, freezing temperatures, fires, snowfall, drought, and flooding all around the world. Anthropogenic? Who cares. Even if it wasn't, we are screwing up this world bad enough with the uneffingbelievable unaccountability and the most retarded regulations that policy makers and/or industry leaders seem to think are acceptable. What gives?!

We need to face up to the fact that we are heading towards another abyss. When one of the hugest MNC conglomerates of all time came out with a little movie in 2008 about a robot designed to compact our waste, people mostly just giggled and wondered what Eve and Wall-E's kids would look like. And when she tried to get some justice after the world's power players pissed away all of our resources including fresh water, any impending feeling of dread or doom was overlooked when we were really just hoping to see the sex scene between her and her fuzzy kangaroo-alien friends. (F'ing sex-crazed kids these days...) Now North Korea is causing a raucous again! With every breath we breathe, the threat of nuclear war seems closer than ever these days with everything being so unstable.

- Time is running out! -

Some environmentalists are called alarmists. Or fearmongers. Why can't anyone else really see that things have to change now. Change takes for EVER after all. And just like in the 1951 classic, it wasn't until the earth was on the BRINK of destruction before humanity realized that some big changes need to happen, and they need to happen quick. Even in more recent future depictions of the world, it is not hard to believe that only the most privileged & elite will have a snowball's chance in hell of surviving at all.


It's a key philosophy behind a registered Canadian political party, based out of BC. (of course). A lot of it makes sense. A lot more sense than the anarchy or riots or G8/G20 protests or pipeline bombings or destructive revolutions that most extremists tend to fall back on. Just waste less. One of the ideas that this party also puts to use is called Jevon's Paradox. It's an idea that's been around since the industrial revolution. It is alllll about energy efficiency and how as we "progress" towards more efficient ways of doing things, that only allows for more non-spent energy to be used on LESS efficient things, or at the very best: more demand for producing the whatever it is for ever-increasing consumption. Remember, less is more.

- be the change you want to see - even if that includes voting -

What we need is a leader like no other. We don't need an Obama or a Ban Ki-Moon or even an Oprah. Someone sent from out of this world - perhaps a messenger from God that can demand the world's attention might, might have some impact. Otherwise, a total restructuring of the UN with all the world players - philanthropists only please - should come together to realize that Peace Before Prosper is essential to taken to us to the attainable goal of less devastation. Yes, I fear a "Big Brother" state, but really, aren't we already pretty damn' well there?! Let's just try & keep those custodians working for us honest. Or shoot'm. (Kidding, Benito, you liar).

On the individual level, we are only really capable of so much. Some more than others, as after all, we are all born into circumstance. But those of us that can and are providing our planet with a fighting chance need to DOUBLE what they are outputting - while still keeping in mind the kunundrum that I mentioned earlier. However you look at it, there is an urgent necessity that we make drastic changes in the way each of us live our lives every single day.

the impossibility of sustainability - it's really only down to you

And on the flip-side we have people out there that are just plain ignorant. Or even worse: apathetic. The apathetic are worse because those are the people that are the 1st to change into something worse than someone who is ignorant: they become pirates. Pillagers, exploiters, and destroyers that especially don't give a damn' and only want to reap every sowed seed and rape every virgin (land) not yet seeded. These people are drains. They get fat and suck the positivity out of everything good in the world. Ignorant people only have a lack of parenting to blame.

A Few Suggestions

1 - turn the furnace down

2 - unplug your computer (for the rest of your life)

3 - unplug your tv (pick up a newspaper & kill a tree instead)

4 - increase gas prices so that you actually DO rethink your job, your commute, your life

5 - eat no meat, drink no bottled water

6 - free the commons, kill the boxstore

7 - de-militarize the military




My final plead.

None of us have a lot of time here on this earth. It takes generations upon generations to make any sort of significant progress from only a single generation worth of actions resulting in a devastating negative impact. So please, please, please try and not piss ALL your time away so your lack of imagination will lead us to the ultimate destruction of our planet.

Yay! for these:

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