December 27, 2016

2016: #worstyearever or whatever

Fuck it, I'm re-starting my blog. And heaven knows how long it will last for this time. Before taking a  year  and a half off, I published 137 blogs over a period of 7 or so years and started writing a handful more.

My decision to start blogging again came out of many things. One being my fiancé, who has been encouraging me to start writing again. Another is my motivation from all things in this world as of late: namely 2016: the worst year ever. I personally didn't think so. To me, that was probably the last half of 2013 and first half of 2014 where I saw my Mom slip away from cancer after 3 years of responding to treatment. Out of the 42 months she lived with the disease, that final 12 and final 6 and final 2 months were the absolute hardest... but the way technology and social media are nowadays, I have noticed a trend towards that viral theme: 2016: #worstyearever. What - because Prince died? Or Princess Leia? No. it's more likely because the electoral college made Donald Trump POTUS this past November. That's what's got many Americans, Canadians, and Planet Earthians all upset.  I am also restarting this blog to help me organize dizzying thoughts - as I had done before - to help me make sense out of - how does it go? "All the wonders and atrocities of the world". There's a million exciting things about 2016 and my life as it is today and the people in it. I've tried harder to embrace my friends and I've even reached out to family. Other family have shut me out, despite the fact that they told my dying Mom they would always be there to watch out for her only son. But I digress! Besides: I got a new family now. Well, almost.  My fiancé and I have set a date and the invitations are ready to be sent. Before then, I hope to do a little traveling, a little skiing, and if things work out the way I pray they will - a little working.

What else do I hope to achieve in this 2017 Blog Resurgence? Hopefully write enough to kick my butt into remembering perspective and priorities and values -- all that boring old shit that I tried to incorporate in the olden days of doing this. I would like to finish off the blog posts that I started but never published and add new ones about my thoughts on the environment and my Top 50 favourite movies and how I have all but completely abandoned listening to that CBC hippy music shit and  returned to listening to only the best of hardcore and melodic punk rock that isn't even necessarily 25 years old. I want to write about how netflix is dumb and Stranger Things and Gavin & Stacey and The IT Crowd and James Corden is awesome and how 193 pounds is ridicoulous and how the Oilers are winning but I can't watch them because Telus price-gouges for internet and TV and how Milo is a maniac and how instagram's for cats and spinning vinyl and how these pretzels are making me thirsty.

As you can see, this is all very scatterbrained and chaotic. But I suppose, that's the point: I can use this as a tool to help me focus. Until I get bored. Until Big Bang Theory comes on. Big Bang Theory is on...

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