February 25, 2010

Canadian Girls Are Amazing

It wasn't too long ago that I was singing along to an old Propagandhi song called "I'd Rather Be Flag Burning". But that is far from where I am today where all I feel is insurmountable pride and ... happiness for my country over the past 2 weeks of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Coming in, I was more disappointed than shocked when news polls were saying how it's more important to Canadians to win a gold in Men's Hockey than finish with a high medals total overall. Well maybe that's just because Canadians weren't as optimistic as I was about Canada actually contending with the likes of America and Germany or Russia. Well guess who we have to thank for the overwhelming success at the gold medals so far: Amazing Canadian Women. Out of the 8 gold's received so far, 6 have been by the most incredible, talented, high-spirited, crazy-good lookin' women. Maelle Ricker kicked it off with a kickass sport: snowboard cross, which was fastly followed by Christine Nesbitt, Tessa Virtue, Kaillie Humphreys, Heather Moyse, a bunkload of hockey players headed by Hayley Wickenheiser, and finally - my favorite - Ashleigh McIvor.

So if it's not gold it's silver. Well for silver so far our Canadian Girls own 5 out of the 6 events including Kristina Groves (Jeremy's time is done, afterall) and the cutest of them all: Jenn Heil! (No, we haven't forgot about you, Jenn!) Another local lady, Jessica Gregg, has also made me proud to be from a country that has so many amazing girls!!!! (even if they are living in Missouri...)

Amazing, amazing, just endless amazing. Hell! Clara Hughes has earned herself something like 4 Winter Olympic medals and 2 Summer Olympic medals! If that's not a sign that our women are made out of something special I don't know what is.

The bronze? Well that's just a ridiculous story. 3 out of Canada's 3 bronze medals are worn by women. And included in that is Joannie Rochette. This champion had her mother up and die on her in the midst of the Olympic Games. And she still competed. How? God knows. But she did, and won a medal. And for that, she will forever be the ultimate female Canadian competitor. Well, in addition to those hockey players that crush the dreams of the Americans. That's pretty cool too.

Next up is Cheryl Bernard, cougar. I mean curler. She will own and it will be great. After that? Who knows, but I am hopeful for more speed skating, bobsleigh, and snowboard.

So! I guess what I am saying is that I am putting away the Russian Bride Catalogue for good. I don't know what it's gonna take for me to ever win the heart of one of these amazing Canadian girls that amaze me in soooo much in all that they do - okay - there are amazing ones that aren't Olympians, too. But to start, I think I am going to take up freestyle aerials.

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